The Innkeeper's Treachery

In which more crimes are revealed

Anne, Rhys, and Iska collect rations and prepare to leave the inn. Anne’s stag Phaedra and Rhys’s mule are missing from the stable. Ta’deth and Droga walk in and see Iska holding the mage Jephry at knifepoint. Rhys offers to hire them to help confront the deputy who allegedly hired the murderers. They all head out to the largest house in town and knock on the door until a sleepy and startled person emerges. He had hired the mage and the innkeeper, who had in turn involved the bandits. The adventurers inform him of the situation and leave Jephry bound in his care before going after the missing stag and mule. Tracking Phaedra leads them directly to the bandits’ camp. While trying to plan an approach, they see a boy run away, dressed in tattered nobles’ garments. The bandits shortly take alarm and run off in all directions after the kid. Iska and Woogie run off to intercept him, and they are thankfully joined by the rest of the party, which unfortunately has been noticed. They lose sight of the child, and the pursuing bandits lose track of them in turn. Taking refuge in a cave, they hear a scream. Torchlight reveals the terrified child on top of a boulder, surrounded by a group of darkspawn. Fighting the darkspawn only attracts another group of them, and the bandits come up from behind to join in fighting them off. As the last darkspawn has its hand cut off and retreats, the bandits train their arrows on the would-be rescuers. Iska knocks them over with a spell and gets Woogie to bring the kid down from the rock. Talking to the bandits gains only threats until Rhys attacks one with his magic lance. They run away. Iska and Rhys talk the child into going with them. Iska is willing to accompany him home to his remaining family in Denerim, but he wants to retrieve his mother’s locket from the inkeeper first. Phaedra and the mule are higher priority.


Defenestration Count: 2
Body Count: 9

The Innkeeper's Treachery
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