Hello world

In which bandits attack sleeping innocents (LOL)

Iska, Anne, and Rhys separately check in to an inn. During the night, each is attacked. Woogie protects Iska by ripping her attacker’s arm off and throat out. Anne savagely floors her two attackers, one of which is a mage. Rhys knocks his out of the second story window. As the fight ends, the innkeeper rushes upstairs, asking what is happening, and demanding the bloodshed stop. He reveals that a group of bandits has set up camp north of town and has been operating closer and closer.

Rhys heals and questions one of the knife-wielding bandits, who responds only with curses and spitting. A shocked Iska leaves the scene as Rhys begins to torture him for his refusal to talk. Meanwhile, Anne has dragged the unconscious mage outside to end his life. As she is about to strike, he comes to and pleads for his life. He claims to have been hired by the sheriff’s deputy to attack bandits staying at the inn. Anne drags him back inside at knifepoint to check his story, and Iska tells them the other one confirmed he was a bandit. Anne realizes that the mage is an idiot. The innkeeper is now nowhere to be found. Anne throws the last of the bandits out of the window.


To be fair, Anne seems to think everyone is an idiot.

Hello world

Defenestration count: 2
Body Count: 3

Hello world
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