Sam Holbig 1
Sam's Story

22nd of Solace, 9:41 Dragon

Ha! Been in Denerim ten minutes and already I have a job! Seems some local vendors craftsmen have had their wares go walkabout — food, lumber, crap weaponry, that sort of thing. The culprits are most likely some trouble-making out-of-town elves, collaborating with local malcontents who think the Fereldan king should sit his arse back down on the throne and do some ruling for a change. (The rest of the Fereldans seem to like him well enough, so whatever it is he’s off doing, he must be doing something right! Ha!) I’ve been hired to try and set all this right, along with a couple of less-trouble-making out-of-town elves, and a wizard we acquired somewhere along the way. I may have given the wizard an “Ostwick kiss,” by the way. Silly bugger tried to set my hand on fire. Anyway, we’re on the road outside town looking for the elves’ camp, and damn if a couple of townsfolk didn’t just try to jump us on the way. Have to say, the ambush wasn’t bad, but the follow-through was awful. One bowman and one knifer against a group with twice the numbers and better gear? Why even bother? (Also, I hear word of another group pursuing this same lead, who are apparently one step ahead of us. I wonder if they caught an ambush, as well?)

P.S. I thought we folk of Ostwick didn’t like outsiders, but Maker alive, I can’t go five minutes without hearing some Fereldan grumbling about “elves” or “northerners.” It reminds me of home, and for all the wrong bloody reasons….

Alalen 1
Alalen's Story

Adventure Log, 7/22/2015
Upon entering the city -

I hate cities. Too many people, too close together, and too many of them trying to run your life. How any elf can stand to live in the alienages boggles my mind. Give me the open road or a quiet forest any day.

Well, any day but today. The hunting this close to the city is terrible. With my supplies dwindling, a market day is too valuable an opportunity to miss.

Maybe once I’m done replenishing my pack, I can make a trip to the alienage and try to talk some sense into the elves. They generally don’t want to do anything with it, but that is their decision. All I can do is try to show them the way to freedom.

Upon entering the supply shop -

A northerner. Interesting. Don’t see them every day. And he is going to help the shopkeeper track down his stolen goods? Perhaps he would like some help. It is always good to have new allies. And my fellow Dalish over there looks capable, albeit somewhat shifty.

After meeting with the warehouse guard’s family and inspecting the warehouse -

Something is wrong with all of this. Small thefts by a guard would be understandable. I know how poorly the job can pay, and he has a family to feed. But the entire stock, carted out by wagon? I need to find that the guard, before something bad happens to him. I promised his daughter I would. And who is this elf the daughter saw? Perhaps someone in the alienage will be able to help.

After attempting to enter the alienage -

Locked down. This is exactly why I hate the city and the alienages. The moment there is a hint that an elf may have done something wrong, the entire community is placed under guard and watched. Why can the elves not see? How can they live like this?

After visiting the smithy and talking to the blacksmith -

This is getting confusing. Who steals poor quality equipment while leaving the best gear behind? And what is this powder the blacksmith found? Perhaps once we rejoin Sam at the lumber yard, we can find a mage to help us identify it. I can make no sense of it myself.

After visiting the lumber yard -

At least now we know why the guard stole so much food. This is bigger than a simple string of thefts. First we must find a mage to identify the powder, and then we will need to begin tracking the lumber carts. I would very much like to talk to these men and find out what is going on. I cannot blame the men for their apparent concerns about their king, but I fear they may be allowing those concerns to drive them to something dangerous.

After meeting Ben’s mage and visiting the poison shop -

Thanks to our new mage companion, we’ve confirmed that our nameless elf was involved in the theft at the smithy. It is time to track the lumber carts, before the weather turns against us and obliterates the trail.
The mage’s price for his assistance is mildly concerning. A vague future favor could mean anything. But only time will tell if my worries are well founded, or if I am simply being paranoid.

Shortly before the first arrow flies -

It is nice to be out of the city again. The air here is so much cleaner, and the relative silence is welcome. Even with the clamor Sam’s armor is making.
These men do not appear to be overly concerned with hiding their passage. Perhaps they will be willing to talk? I would prefer not to resort to violence if it isn’t necessary.

After fight with sentries –
If that was a warning shot, then these men are horribly inept… Had they at least declared it as such, we could have skipped maiming them.
That they won’t tell us anything is mildly annoying, but at least they will bring us to someone who might.

Enna's Story

Arrived in denerim today, this place reeks of bigotry. Let’s see how many people I can bother before I get bored.

Made a human faint by telling him how I wanted to disembowel him, took his coin pouch while he was out. I should probably stock up on food before leaving.

Met a human named Sam and an elf name allreal(is that how you spell it?( correct it if you would chris?) while going for rations. We all decided to take a job together, I figured why not the shopkeeper seems like an honest man and even I don’t steal enough to really hurt a business, he didn’t deserve this.

We headed to the house of the guard who supposedly stole the goods. His family seems so polite. From what the wife told us it seems like he just abandoned them, it’s just my humble opinion but if this man neglects his wife and child like this he must be a scumbag. Humans.

The girl tells us that she saw him speaking to an elf the night he left, that coupled with what the wife told us about him speaking out against the king is pretty suspicious. He just left them! I promised the girl that we would do our best to find him and bring him back alive for telling us what she knew. She deserves a better father.

It seems like everyone is being stolen from! We poked around the town square for a while to see what we could find, a local blacksmith has been robbed as well. We spoke to him for a bit but all we really got out of him was this powder that he found around his bed the night of the robbery. We looked at the lock on his shop door, nothing seems to be tampered with. Odd. Only mediocre weapons were stolen it’s almost like someone was trying not to deal too much damage. Also Odd.

There are cart tracks leading out of town but the group wants to stay and investigate more. This is a waste of time.

Same thing at the lumber yard only mediocre goods stolen although it seems half his workers are missing, all of which had been speaking out against the king. We need to figure out where this powder came from fast as there seems to be a another group following us.

Met a mage named Emmery. He lit Sam’s hand on fire for a moment when they shook hands. Some type of symbolic ritual? In any case he pointed us towards a down low magic shop because he knew nothing of our magical drugs. The old man running the place explained to us that it was a type of sleep powder. He refused to tell us who had bought it recently, but I managed to convince him that if he didn’t tell us the guards would most likely catch wind of the powder like we had, and if we didn’t figure out who was causing the robberies they would be in the shop soon. So he gave us a description of an elf that matched the one the girl had given us.

We decided to follow the tracks out of town until the trail ran cold. During the walk I managed to convince the group that I harvest kidneys, The only one who seems to be shaken by it is Sam. I feel like I should be worried about the fact that the other two aren’t scared but it only piques my interest further. I want to learn more about these people.

We met a hobo who pointed us in the right direction after going on a rant about pink elephants. I made a personal note to get in touch with his dealer. That ought to be fun!

Followed the hobo’s direction with Sam out front being loud and acting obnoxious, what the hell is he doing?
Oh, scouting.

Well there’s arrows whizzing by our heads these guys can’t aim at all if my bow had not broke last week I’d show them how to properly shoot.

Wow, that flaming knife pin that I just accomplished was truly something to behold if there was a bard here I’d threaten him into writing a song about it. Anyways, The guy is leading us, quite slowly I must say, back to their camp. The knife in his leg is but a flesh wound! Pain is no excuse for inefficiency damn it!

Daryel Lightward
Daryel's Story

21st of Wintermarch, 9:41 Dragon

After a night of rest in Ostagar, we woke the next morn and struck up a conversation with the innkeeper. In the wake of supply runs being hijacked by the bandit camp we managed to avoid on our way there, many of Ostagar’s citizens had decided to travel further south to the nearby township of Stenhold for a festival.

Sadly, among those who had made that choice was Ostagar’s herbalist, whom we were hoping would have some shadowmoss and save us the trouble of the trip to the Kolkari Wilds by agreeing to part with it for some coin. At that point, our party decided to follow suit and travel to Stenhold, as it wasn’t a far detour from our path to the Kolkari Wilds.

After leaving a description of Tracii with the innkeeper, on the off chance that she managed to overcome her illness and catch up to us, we struck out for Stenhold. The journey was uneventful, but also sadly proved rather unfruitful: we consulted with the town sheriff only to discover that the herbalist had left town, but planned to return by nightfall.

Despite our attempts to search for her outside the town, we were forced to return empty-handed and wait for her there. As fate would have it, Tracii had awoken and followed us, and with a strange new companion by the name of Vetorious in tow to boot. I’m rather curious about this fellow and plan to keep an eye on him.

The reunion was short-lived, however, for we were soon after waylaid, rather randomly, by a couple of barbarians. With the prowess of our warriors and my healing skills, we managed to make short work of them.

We didn’t find the herbalist, but I suspect we’ll stay in Stenhold for the night and continue our search in the morning. I’m not optimistic about our luck; it seems likely that a trip to the Kolkari Wilds remains in our future.

6th of Wintermarch, 9:41 Dragon

The battle with the darkspawn ended, we set about making camp. Sam piled their bodies and set them aflame. Tracii, as best we could discern, had been victim to a spell casting gone awry and had fallen unconscious, so Sam and Alalen fetched her and brought her to the campsite. We got a fire going and moved Tracii and the children round it. Hannah, Mythal bless her, had fallen asleep. Joseph, on the other hand, seemed to suffering from the same post-battle rush as the rest of us.

We had rather stern words for him, as he’d tried to contribute in the battle but really only ended up making things more difficult for the rest of us. His intentions were good, though; I believe he wishes to show himself a capable warrior, more than merely the son of a nobleman, and that is something I can respect. I offered him a ration, which he took. Sam took him to the side for some combat training, which amusingly involved mostly running the boy around and giving him a few friendly blows to tire him sufficiently enough to make him sleep.

We took watch in turn. Conversations were had over the course of the night and the next morning as we began traveling south back to Lothering. Piecing them together, we came to discover that Alenka and Corbin had intended to hold the children ransom to their father, the Arl, and to use the collected monies to start a new life elsewhere. They had no ill intent toward the family, but wanted the means to escape their present lives.

Their goal certainly wasn’t one for which I could fault them: the Arl showed himself to be a less than likable character, particularly in the way he treated his servants. However, none in our group could well abide the thought of crossing a wealthy and powerful nobleman, putting the job we’d agreed to do in jeopardy, or keeping the children from their family — however unloving — for the sake of coin.

Considering the matter further, we came up with an alternative to present to Alenka and Corbin. Legnar elected me to present it to them, saying that he felt I spoke for the group and referring to Sam and I both as “level-headed.” I agreed to his proposal. Sam offered to accompany me in speaking with Alenka, which I certainly appreciated despite not needing to take him up on the offer.

I called Alenka over to speak with me in private, then outlined our alternative for her: we would give to she and Corbin the two sovereigns that we’d managed to find on the battle site — which was coincidentally equal to our shares from returning the children to their father, one sovereign apiece — and, once our other jobs in the area were completed, we would then take them with us on our return trip to Anetha Ara, as she’d expressed the desire to live in a place with a better attitude toward elves.

While Alenka was skeptical, particularly with respect to the possibility of being able to receive more money with the ransom scheme than from our plan, she spoke with Corbin and they agreed to accept our offer. I suspect the prospect of having to wrestle control of the children from the rest of us seemed an unlikely one, as none of our party seemed inclined to go along with the ransom scheme, myself included.

We returned to the Arl’s manor. Conversation with him was rather curt, but he kept his end of the bargain and we each received our sovereign. We gave what we promised to Alenka and Corbin, then left Tracii in their care and traveled south to our next job: dismantling a bandit camp between Lothering and Ostagar.

Unfortunately, upon nearing the area, we found a patch of land four or five miles wide filled with tents and one or perhaps two hundred bandits. After spending some time discussing our options, we resolved to forgo the task of dismantling the bandit camp for now and attempt to travel around it unhindered to our next question: obtaining shadowmoss from the Kolkari Wilds for Tyrael.

Legnar stealthily rode near the camp to gauge its contents while the rest of us maintained a wider berth to avoid detection. In the few instances where we attracted the attention of guards — my own clumsiness is in part to blame, I’m afraid — we managed to misdirect their attention elsewhere, until we eventually met with Legnar again outside the camp. We traveled on to Ostagar and agreed to remain there for the night and strike out for the Kolkari Wilds in the morning. I can only imagine what we will find there.

Alalen 2
Alalen's Stort


After traversing the ravine via magic –
Well. That was disorienting, but undoubtedly useful. I was not looking forward to having to climb down and then back up the other side.

Upon entering the village –
By the gods, these men had but a matter of days but they have already manged to use all of the lumber they stole. Even if the village is crude, that they were able to build it so quickly is nevertheless impressive. Unfortunately, it is going to make recovering the lumber master’s stock… Problematic… But first let us see to meeting their leader and finding some answers. After that, we need to find the missing guard. If all of these men have the same manner in greeting strangers, it is only a matter of time before they make enemies out of a less forgiving group.

After meeting with Orlegolas Bloom –
Finally, some of my fellow elves have freed themselves from the alienages. That some of the humans from the city have joined them is surprising, but not unwelcome. But why did they have to steal everything they did to do it?! Have they any idea of the problems they have caused for themselves?! They will not be free of the rules of the city when the authorities hunt them!
Argh! I will have to deal with them later. For the moment, finding the guard takes precedence, before this mess gets any worse.

After the fight and the guard’s death –
offers prayers to Dirthamen for the slain guard and his wife and daughter
This explains the reports of another group ahead of us. My fears have been confirmed, the others seeking this group of thieves have reached them first, and are not inclined to avoid casualties. Now we are going to have to explain to a little girl back in the city why her father won’t be coming home.

After returning to the ransacked camp –
Does no one in this little village know how to fight? 4 adventurers were able to rob over 50 armed men and make off with the remaining supplies. Once there is time, I’m going to have to have word with these men. Stolen goods or no, they need to be taught how to defend themselves and their possessions. For now, we need to catch up with the mercenaries. If the villagers can be the ones to return the stolen goods, it may go a long way towards establishing more amiable relations with the city.

Returned to town, brought back a share of the supplies –
At least we were able to recover some of the supplies. It would probably be better for the town if they had been the ones to return them, but this will have to suffice.

Sam Holbig 2
Sam's Story

5th of August, 9:41 Dragon

In exchange for us not introducing their guts to steel and open air, those two ambushers agreed to bring us to their base and their leader. They took us to this great big chasm outside the city, where a dagger-faced elf mage cast some spell that whisked us across to the other side in a puff of smoke. Now, the fact that the only ways back involved another magic trip or a long walk along the chasm edge set my whiskers a-twitching. I expected an ambush or a double-cross, but so far these folk seem to be relatively honest. We were brought to this… well, calling it a “village” is frankly giving too much credit, “pile of tents and huts” is more like it. Anyway, we were taken to the largest and least shitty-looking of the huts, and out comes the leader of this rabble: a blond, baby-faced elf who seems to have come to Denerim from elsewhere, as we suspected. We chatted for a while, and on the face of it his motives seem noble enough: the point of all this was to create a place for city elves to go to get away from the awful conditions in the Denerim alienage. Still, there’s the little detail that elf-boy and his friends stole a whole bunch of stuff to build their little haven, and left a whole bunch of pissed-off merchants back in Denerim as a result. We suggested that perhaps he and his lads might gather the bits they didn’t need together to give back as a peace offering, while we went to go track down our wayward warehouse guard, who was apparently patrolling somewhere outside the camp.

Well, as it turns out, our wayward warehouse guard managed to find that other team that was ahead of us. Seems they were after the bounty on these stolen goods as well. They had a dwarf, an elf, a human mage, and a great big fuck-off Tal-Vashoth — which is a Qunari that’s not a Qunari, if you’re not confused enough already — all armed to the teeth and battle-hardened, by the looks of things. Naturally Mr. Guard, displaying the same amazing lack of tactical sense as the rest of his buddies, decided to pick a fight with this scary lot, and took the Tal-Vashoth’s mace to the melon for his trouble. We managed to chase them off, but the guard was already dead and gone by the time we made it to him. Oof, not looking forward to having that conversation with his wife and kid. Well, obviously we couldn’t just leave him there for the crows, so we cleaned him up, wrapped him in my bedroll, and took him back to the camp.

So, we get back to the camp, and we see that all the elves and elf-friends are running around in a tizzy. Turns out that other group took all their supplies and started heading back to town, and none of baby-face’s boys were able to stop ‘em, because apparently they can’t fight their way out of a wet paper bag. They had horses for us to borrow, though, so we rode out after the other group, and managed to catch them as they were making their way along the chasm. (Still not sure how they managed to get so far ahead of us, since they only had the Tal-Vashoth dragging that big old wagon all by himself. Magic, I suppose?)

Now, at this point, we could have tried to pick a fight with the other group; they were wounded (or should have been — again, mage), and we could outflank them, but if anyone screwed up the supply cart might have gone over into the chasm, and then nobody would’ve won. And frankly… why bother? After all, this group’s done nothing but try to return stolen goods to their rightful owners. A day ago, we were doing literally the exact same thing. And yes, the situation’s more complicated than that — when isn’t it? — but it would have been hypocritical, petty, and frankly damn stupid to risk losing everything in a fight on that cliff face. So we had a chat, like civilized folk, and decided to split the goods up. They get their share of the bounty, and we get ours. The two Dalish are going to take their share of the goods back to the elf-friends, while me and the mage will ensure everyone gets paid. After that… well, we’ll have to see. Like I said, conditions in the Denerim alienage are nasty, and apparently there’s a sickness in there that they need medicine to treat. And it seems that baby-face and his elf-friends need some serious whipping into shape if they’re actually going to make this plan of theirs work. Looks like we won’t be wanting for things to do if we decide to stick around here for a while.

Alalen 3
Alalen's Story


Met Daryel
A healer, excellent. Given the propensity for injuries in this little town, his services will be most beneficial. And if his connections in nearby villages can help with establishing trade routes, so much the better.

Began training the villagers –
A few hours later –
Okay shit let’s use sticks before Daryel gets overworked. A couple of these people may show some potential, but the rest can’t tell which ends of the blade go where.

Met with the circle mage about the main quest line.
I don’t fully trust this circle mage, but then I never do. His talisman idea may be insane, but it is at least worth looking into, once we verify his story with the local Grey Wardens garrison.
Met with the grey wardens in the capital –
Having verified the mage’s story, I am increasingly convinced that he is insane. But at least he appears to be genuine. Still potentially dangerous, but at least not malicious.

Found murdered farmers –
Whatever did this was big and vicious. I had best stay close to Emory and Daryel. The last thing we need is one of these things getting the drop on them.

Fought blight wolves –
Disgusting creatures… A shame we allowed the last one to escape. But they are too small to have been the ones to kill the farmer, which means there is something else out here.

Searched the house, found writing in blood alluding to the Elven God of vengeance –
Oh yeah, that can’t be good…

Sam Holbig 3
Sam's Story

19th of August, 9:41 Dragon

Returning our share of the stolen goods went better than I expected. No one was thrilled to be getting back so little of what they’d lost, of course, but everyone handled it with a decent amount of grace, and we at least got a little bit of silver for our trouble. That other crew with the dwarf and the Tal-Vashoth invited me to join them; I don’t want to commit to anything just yet, so I left them with a non-answer and the hope that next time we meet, it will be on friendly terms. (Still, I have promised the dead guard’s widow to “take care” of the one that did the deed, so I suspect the Tal-Vashoth and I will be having a reckoning at some point.)

On the way back to the separatist village, we joined up with a Circle-and-Templar caravan that happened to be going to the same place; needless to say, it didn’t take a scholar to figure out they were friends of Babyface’s. When we got back, I found that the two Dalish had been hard at work whipping the volunteer militia into shape. Good for them — this town needs a bit more backbone if it’s going to last more than a fortnight. I was about to start putting the volunteers through the old Wall Guard paces myself when the Circle mage — who, it turns out, is an elf and Babyface’s brother — came out with a proposition for us. Seems he’s got the idea in his head that there’s a way to kill archdemons without sacrificing the life of a Grey Warden to do it. All he needs to do is gather these artifacts that are scattered around Thedas, and do some kind of mystical mumbo-jumbo to them, and he’s oh-so-certain that it will work because he’s done his reading and….

As you can no doubt tell from my tone, I think his plan stinks worse than Orlais cheese and has about as many holes in it. And it’s not just me, either; apparently neither the Circle nor the Grey Wardens themselves (who have the most to gain from such a thing, I might add) are willing to provide Mageyface with any support until he’s got more concrete proof. It doesn’t help that the first part of the puzzle is a chain that’s apparently ALREADY being used to keep a demon tied down. Not the sort of thing you want to go messing with based on some spellslinger’s half-baked theory! The whole thing strikes me as being irresponsibly reckless at best, downright insane at worst — and to be honest, I’m not entirely convinced that Mageyface isn’t some secret cultist with an evil scheme to destroy the world hidden up his sleeve. (That last part’s hopefully just paranoia on my part; it seems the local Grey Wardens have heard of him, and in an “oh, that crazy mage” sort of way, not a “this is a madman who needs to be put down” sort of way.) Still, the mage’s coin is good, and we decided we were willing to play along, if only to bring in the Grey Wardens and do this whole thing properly.

So, the Denerim mage, the Dalish, and I — along with a new face, an elf healer we picked up in the village — made our way south to where the chain was located. Word is that it was being kept in a Warden’s keep, which… may be ruined, now? That part wasn’t quite made clear, which is worry number one. Worry number two is, as we were getting close to the keep, we happened upon a farm that had been infested with blight wolves, whose house had been torn open by some horrible beast with great, nasty claws. I’m thinking a werewolf, myself. Needless to say, none of this is helping to convince me that this new quest of ours is a good idea….

Alalen 4
Alalen's Story


I’m decided to do some scouting the of nearby countryside, as well as hunting in the area for additional supplies. Parted company with the rest of the group with plans to rejoin in town in a few days time.

Legnar Umlaut Contract # 1
Contract Completed

For those who are reading this book, These are the adventures of Legnar Umlaut. They are contract summaries that he has taken along the course of journey to find his missing sibling. Please note, everything within these brackets, ( ), are his personal thoughts the matter.

If found, please return this book to the Umlaut caste within Orzammar

Contract Completed

Reward: Free stay at the tavern until the end of the festival with meals included. Free mead on main festival night. (I much rather coin for my work, but I’ll use this time to rest and relax before moving forward trying to find brother and sister)

Nothing wrong with a little R&R and I’ve at this trek for a good four months now with very little knowledge nor lead on where to go next. The Festival in Vintner is not unlike the drunken get together in the Deep Road, just a lot of less fighting. Did notice a group of elves get onto a scrape with the local blacksmith, but couldn’t tell (nor care) what was the issue. The mead and ale was flowing well throughout the night. Stay a couple of days after the festival and I felt like I stay in one place for too long. Left at first light headed to the capital city in Ferelden, Denerim.

Passed by a farm on the outskirt of Vintner, but noticed that it had been destroyed since walking into town, decided to take path through farmstead for possible people needing assistance (and possible rewards). Turns out is was attacked recently and the problem was taken of by a group of adventures, that greeted me, WITH A NOTCHED BOW TO MY BACK!!!! Turns out they believe that I was a shady figure that cause the problem. (Can’t blame them)

With the confusion behind was I discovered that they also came the farmstead in these condition, only with a few dark spawned wolfs within the area. So they introduced themselves, five in total, but I’ve only meet three due to a problem that soon arose. First the one who approached me at arrow point, an archer: couldn’t tell the race, she was keeping her face hidden. (a good number were actually). Her companions often jokes about her affinity of kidneys and collecting them. The next who approach, and diffused situation, is a human and looks like the front lines of the group, wielding a rather large spear and shield combo with a generous amount of armor. A guardian so to speak. The last was another hooded male with the clothing of a non-­combatant with no visible weapon, save for his walking staff. I assume he to be a mage of some kind, perhaps their healer. Mainly because he come with telling for a problem there are currently having with a elven girl, which that found in the aftermath of slaying the wolves, not responding to his treatment.

I offered to lead them to Vintner and bring her to the local chantrey and see if they can assist her their. The group was… not ecstatic with the idea (I don’t know why) but compromised in with one people accompanying me to see if chantrey could offer a hand with her case. Once back in town, the air felt different and uneasy about something. We made it to the chantrey, explained the situation and they offer a scribe to assess her condition, so we rode back to the farm. The scribe couldn’t believe the state of the farm seeing that is was an active farm a couple of weeks ago but quickly started examining the girl. Here I met the other two members of this group. Another hooded male with a good amount of weaponry on him. Probably an all round combat expert. And the other of a human male with the obvious marking of a circle mage. The scribe determined that there is little that they can do here and need to return the the chantrey for proper care, and that the girl was safe to be moved. So back to Vintner……AGAIN…..

I found myself is this town for a third time in one day, and I started to noticed the looks that everyone is giving to us. Unsure if those looking are intend for me, the group, or the unconscious girl I couldn’t tell, but the air felt heavier still and I something was going to happen soon. Once in the chantrey, I discovered why the hooded members of the group were hooded. They were elves. (Not that I cared, but they did) I have notice a discrimination between elves and humans, and is gotten worse the farther I traveled east. I assure them that it didn’t concern me what race they were and I completely despised people looking down on others based on their race, caste, clan, or noble standing. The rest of the day went mostly uneventful, just a explanation why the group is traveling together, a proper introduction to myself, how and why was my travels lead me out here, and it turns out that they may need someone of my skillset. They explained that they are send in search for a magic chain which housed a demon within chain. Odd thing it, they may have found the chain already! Only trouble is the mage and healer can’t sense any magical properties within the chain and they only lead is the eleven girl which they found with the chain in hand. And so we wait……

During the down time nearing twilight, the town started problematic, to the point where the blacksmith created a mob and started demanding the chantrey to give up the elves. They believed that the elven are the cause for the misfortune at the farm and that they have been causing problems ever since the festival. Sam, the guardian, tried to defuse the crowd only to the blacksmith counter back, claiming the he wasn’t at the festival and the group isn’t allowed to be trusted. I step into the conservation and started to speak my mind. Seen that I’ve done a service for the town and couple days ago, some members to the mob started to sway into our direction. The warden of the town shows up and calm the mob further down and with that the healer, Daryel, step out a reveals himself as an elf asking the mob, “If you believe that the elven girl is responsible for the misfortunes, then let her speak for herself! But for now she is currently injured and healing up at the moment!” And with that speech the blacksmith lost the favor of the mob and everyone started to clear out and head home. As the mob dissipated, I thought is was it for a little recon on the blacksmith. Seeing that he was the inciter of the mob, I grew suspicious that he has a motive in the elven girl. Mainly for the fact that the group never said anything about the farm and he was the one who brought it up. I shadowed him back to his shop and waited till he was asleep to have a closer look. A simple lock on the window, easy enough to slip in undetected. After entering the shop I found nothing pertaining to the elven nor anything involving him with the farm. Just a bad blood with elves. (Each day, i find more and more discrimination against elves, has it always been like this?)

Once I head back to the chantrey, I found the warden, Tolden, it speaking with the group. He apologizes for the blacksmith and the rest of the town. As I was trying to catch Tolden
attention, the elven girl starts stirring and waken in a panic. She introduces herself as Azshara and she escaped from captivity from an old set of ruin within the forest. The warden states that many adventures head to the ruin, looking for it’s secrets, but nothing ever turns up in those quest and the adventures leave disappointed. So this is a recent thing that is happening. Azahara explain that she was with the group of elves that partook in the festival, until the incident with the blacksmith. Their caravan left shortly after, but on of the main scouts took off after the fight in a rage. Not wanting to leave the scout, they sent many scouts to search for him. None returned. The next day the caravan was assaulted by creatures and took the survivors from the attack into the ruins and she escaped from their, grabbing the chain that Daryel currently has. After a quick investigation about the chain, we discovered that the chain was holding a demon of rage within itself and it seems to have found a way out and possess the enraged scout.


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