Daryel Lightward 36

14th of Bloomingtide, Dragon 9:43

When I joined this party, a time that seems forever and a day ago now, I chose to leave the elf village because I felt that my ability to help there was limited. In such a small settlement, there are only so many who need so much healing so often. I’ve wanted to do more: heal the sick and suffering elsewhere, help those of my kind escape enslavement, and try to encourage peaceful and non-violent solutions to discord.

Since Asrael entasked us with gathering the pieces of this seemingly dubious weapon against an archdemon, I’ve held skepticism that this mission allows me to stay on my own course. As well, I’ve also nearly failed to keep my identity secret on two occasions now.

First, encountering a wanted poster with my likeness and former name, and having to tell the rest of the party that it was instead someone who escaped with me so many years ago and died in the process. More recently, happening across a rather significant family friend of my old master, who thankfully did not appear to recognize me.

While traveling, the party recently took an opportunity to assist a couple of merchants transporting Mabari pups. They were being waylaid by bandits, whom we managed to drive off. These merchants seemed friendly and without malice, as did their cargo. I hope our efforts ultimately result in the pups finding good homes for the rest of their lives, for I believe they only wish to live in peace. Helping beings like these to be able to find this peace is my wish.

The party will soon compete in a grand tourney for the sake of winning a hammer that Asrael has sent us to retrieve. Putting ourselves in the view of so many, especially if we somehow manage to win the competition, it’s difficult to imagine that I won’t draw even more unwanted attention to myself. The next time, it may be that of someone with more intimate knowledge of the past I’ve tried to keep hidden. I can only hope my fears are unwarranted.


DraugrBorn tobias382

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