Legnar Umlaut

Dwarven Rogue seeking the whereabouts of missing siblings



Legnar is 34 years old and is an average size dwarf, standing of 4’3". Having a leaner build than most dwarves, he built for speed and acrobatics. He has a pale-grayish rugged skin, from living within Orzammar’s Dust Town for most of he life, and a well maintained black beard extended to his torso. Matching black hair is kept at neck length. Eyes are an emerald green.


The living conditions and life style given to Legnar as molded he appearance and clothing to resembles that of a beggar (torn robes with a hooded cloak), with a couple of extra pieces gear: , belt, and shoes. Which are of much higher quality that he attempt to resemble, so he will attempt to kept them hidden. He often attempts to hide his face with a clothed mask and the hood up when out upon a open street, but remove it when meeting a friendly face or tavern.



Legnar birth was a stain on a high-caste nobility, the Umlaut Clan, with his twin sister, Belbara. Their mother, Ingara, was a servant of the low-caste in servitude to the Umlaut, where his father, Nosrin, had is way their mother one night. Nosrin never truly accepted them was a part of the caste, force them into servitude with their mother, and hide them away of the other high-caste. Legnar and Belbara did have a older half bother, Valddok pride of the Umlaut clan, who often felt terrible for the way Nosrin treated them. He often spent much time with his half siblings as much as he can, trained them in various ways, and sneak them into his bedroom for a bed that can should deserve. Until around Legnar and Belbara sixteenth birthday. Belbara accidentally revealed the truth of their birth to others within the caste, which the consequences would have discredit the entire caste. The only method to subvert this was for Nosrin to admit that Belbara was a caste-less orphan found and took she in, dooming Belbara to a life within the Dust Town. Legnar took that postion in place of Belbara, and has removed from the caste and its household. Belbara and Ingara was given a high caste status within the Umluat Clan.

Within Dust Town, Legnar was force to live a life licit doings, often taken contracts to “find misplace objects.” This is way he would mold his build and learn the way of a sneak. About every two months, Valddok sought out Legnar within Dust Town to train he the ways of survive, and trained him to fight, if needed. Generally Legnar did work alone on his contracts, never joining criminal organization, but eventually did find three trustworthy companions to do larger jobs with. Vograg, Nokuc, and Thrazeana. They always watch each others back and often spent time with each other as time when back. Legnar never kept up with doing of the Umlaut Clan, only asking how is Belbara and Ingara was doing, whenever Valddok contacted him. Around when Lengar was 30, Valddok stop coming to is Legnar. Legnar just assumed that getting to Dust Town was more problematic, given that the last time they spoken, Valddok seemed shaken on something, and saying “It may be a while that I may return.” Legnar thought nothing on it, until four years later. While working a contract, he learned that the Umlaut Clan was still under turmoil with the departure of Belbara and Valddok leaving Orzammar to the surface world sometime age. Shortly after hearing that, Legnar decided that he is headed to the surface, in search of his missing siblings.

Legnar Umlaut

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