Ser Jerrod of the Grey 51

1st day of Eluviesta, 44th year of the Dragon Age

Ciel, regrettably, was in no shape for either shopping or dinner, so we left him to his rest and set about acquiring proper attire for our engagement that evening and supplies for the journey ahead. Afterwards, we spent a pleasant evening with our host — a woman slightly older than myself, who is a bann of great local import — as well as her nephew and his betrothed. The bann was greatful for our efforts in ending the kidnappings, and was interested in striking up a further partnership with our party. When we mentioned our imminent voyage to the Anderfels, the bann offered to procure us a vessel essentially free of charge, in exchange for an agreement to perform various tasks for her when we were in the area. (I must confess that — combined with how the lady avoided the question when I asked the reason for her interest in the kidnappings — made me a bit wary of accepting her offer. Nevertheless, she can help us to achieve our immediate goals, and if she has an ulterior motive for doing so, that frankly is not our concern at the moment.)

We set sail early the next day, making our way along the coast of Thedas towards the Anderfels. The trip passed uneventfully for several weeks, during which time we tried to make ourselves useful in whatever ways we could, and otherwise did our best to stay out of the crew’s way. Such peace couldn’t last, of course, and one morning we were suddenly alerted by the lookout to something approaching from the starboard side. My comrades and I armed ourselves and rushed to the deck, expecting to face pirates or hostile boarders. What we found instead, however, was a pair of giant sea worms charging our ship, intent on smashing it to splinters! We soon overcame our initial shock, however, and set about defending the vessel. The worms were massive, with bodies hardened by the rigors of the ocean depths, but each of us has faced worse, and eventually we butchered the creatures with few injuries sustained. There was a tense moment when Daryel fell overboard and needed to be recovered before sharks got to him, but the matter was soon dealt with.

Such misadventures aside, we continue to make good time towards the Anderfels, and I expect we will arrive soon — at which point the real challenge will begin.


DraugrBorn sjenning

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