Sam Holbig 40

Sam's Story

20th of August, Dragon 9:43

Dro and I woke up Daryel and Legnar (we decided none of us wanted to deal with a grumpy Sana) and informed them of the situation. Daryel, Legnar, and Dro decided to go investigate on the docks; I was ready to come too, but Daryel figured there were enough warm bodies on the job and told me to rest up for the tourney tomorrow. Well, I wasn’t about to argue that point, so I promptly returned to my room to get some shut-eye.

The next morning, Sana kicked the shit out of an elf, I kicked the shit out of a dwarf, and Dro (who was clearly feeling the effects of being out all night) ended up losing to Ser Corben. That fancy-pants chevalier from Orlais also did something to piss Sana off again; I don’t remember what, exactly, but I’m pretty sure she wants to rip the man a new arsehole large enough to fit his horse into. More importantly, Daryel swung by to inform me that he’d encountered those cultists last night, and had barely made it out with his life. Apparently he’d spent the rest of the night poking around and learned little of import, but was going to head out to try again. At this point I’m almost certain there’s going to be a bombing at the tournament; there’s not much Sana or I can do about that, so hopefully Daryel and the rest can stop these cultists from blowing anything up, or at least ensure that the damage will be minimal.


DraugrBorn sjenning

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