Sam Holbig 38

Sam's Story

25th of Justinian, Dragon 9:43

We were on our way back to get some rest (or maybe catch some traveling fire-eaters that I hear put on a good show) when we heard a commotion back at the arena. It seems some dwarves arrived too late to qualify, but wanted to fight in the tournament anyway because of how important this hammer is to them. After some lively debate (which some of my party-mates participated in, and I did not, because it’s not really any of my business), it was decided that the dwarves could fight amongst themselves to pick a representative to advance to the brackets. Folk seemed to be happy with that and no heads needed cracking to restore order, so I left the lot of them to it and went to bed.

Next day was the first wave of one-on-one direct elimination bouts, and the rules let me equip my usual kit again, so I was feeling right as rain. Daryel, Dro, and I all managed to make it through the first round, with Daryel’s fight in particular further convincing me that the Maker himself is trying to get that man into the finals. My fight was against a knife-wielding elf that managed to get a pretty good hit on me; I still gave him a thorough arse-kicking, but he handled himself well. (Also, that one hit apparently lost Dro a bet he’d made with another elf on the sidelines — sorry, mate!) Everything had gone off mostly without a hitch so far, and after the first round ended we all planned to head back to do some more shopping and get some rest — so naturally, as soon as we moved to do so, there was the sound of an explosion back at the arena. Never a dull moment….


DraugrBorn sjenning

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