Entry 2

Ciel's Personal JOournal

So I had made it to Denerim, and I was trying to both find out stuff about the Dariel person and the Grey Warden, when I ran into some people kidnapping a kid! I was curious so I started following them, but some guards distracted me and made me lose track of them! It was very irritating. They asked me to help with dealing with the cultists and rescuing the kids, and well. I am not good at operating under pressure. I panic. And I am NOT good at saying no to people.
I agreed to help.
I shouldn’t have! I needed to kill the guy and find the Grey Warden! But, lucky as I am, I actually managed to run into the Grey Warden and his people! The Tevinter I had heard about apparently left, but everyone else in the dossier was there! I’ve been making plans to kill them, and I already have two for all of them, and 3 for picking them off one by one!
I thought I got better at not blurting out secrets, but no. I think maybe it was the fact that no one has talked directly to me in about three months than me being better about it.
Right anyways, I get to hang out with people! And kill stuff! I know that I’m not technically allowed to use it, but I gabbed some doses of the Crow’s poison and wow is it useful!
We killed some cultists, rescued a kid, talked to people in the Chantry, and now we are investigating! Just call me Sherlock Holmes! The elven mage guy seemed to know people in the Chantry so that was useful.


DraugrBorn madi_coco_beall

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