Ciel's Personal Journal

Entry 1

Journal Entry 1:
I’ve decided to keep a record of my actions so that I may reflect upon them and understand what I did wrong in my exploits. Or at least, that is what Master Alonzo said I needed to do since I was ‘such a failure of an assassin, we might as well use you as a warning to future Crows’. Master Alonzo is not very nice. Well, none of the actual Crows are nice. Or the other initiates.

ANYWAYS. They actually gave me an assignment! After last year with the bartender and the demon I never thought they would let me try to finish the initiation process! They said I was to join up with some Grey Warden and his companions because they’re trying to stop the Blights, and of course the Crows need to know all about that. They also gave me a contract for an assassination for some old elven guy named Daryel. I’m supposed to track him down and kill him in an incident related to freeing an elven slave. I did overhear Masters Rydel and Carina saying that ‘I can’t believe he’s still alive- we keep sending him on suicide missions! "I know, the only thing he is good at is surviving!’ I wonder who they were talking about?


DraugrBorn madi_coco_beall

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